The 10th LEEM/PEEM workshop was held at Portola Hotel & Spa

in Monterey - California, near San Francisco.

September 11-15, 2016

Tutorial Lecturers:

Ernst Bauer, Arizona State University

Hendrik Ohldag, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf, Universität Duisburg-Essen

Distinguished Guest Lecturers:

Grace Burke, University of Manchester

William Chueh, Stanford University

Hongjun Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shuji Hasegawa, University of Tokyo

Andreas Heinrich, IBM Almaden

Andrew Westphal, UC Berkeley

LEEM-PEEM is a biennial meeting reviewing the status of LEEM, PEEM, SPLEEM, XPEEM and related techniques. The meeting promotes and disseminates applications of cathode lens microscopy to a broad audience of interested scientists.

The workshop highlights the most recent scientific advances as well as instrumental developments. Topics will cover surfaces, thin films, organic films, surface chemistry, magnetism, time resolved methods, instrumental advances and novel applications of LEEM and PEEM to other subject areas.

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