Synchrotron PEEM - A Look at Magnetism and Chemistry
at Surfaces and Interfaces on the Nanoscale

Hendrik Ohldag, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Modern devices rely on components based on complex materials like multilayers, oxides or alloys that are fascinating to researchers and engineers alike. To obtain a deeper understanding of the relevant science behind such complex devices and to find ways to improve their performance it is necessary to use an experimental approach that can distinguish between the different components with nanometer spatial and picosecond time resolution. It is also crucial to be able to separate electric, magnetic, structural and chemical properties of the device, since these are often closely related. It turns out that x-ray microscopy using synchrotron radiation provides exactly such capabilities. The pulsed nature of a synchrotron as x-ray source also allows for studying the time dependent behavior of a sample. In this talk I will give an introduction on how one can use photoemission electron microscopy at a synchrotron  and explain how to use a synchrotron to answer a question that you may have about your sample.